AAG’s Ab Initio Programs are specifically designed as an entry level for those seeking to become a pilot and pursue a career in commercial aviation.

As part of AAG’s cadet training programs, ab initio training creates a solid foundation for a commercial pilot certification and type ratings whilst providing a steady influx of pilot for airlines that wish to provide the Type Rating themselves.


AAG are experienced in cross-country certification, if an airline requires them to obtain accreditation to deliver training under their country of operation.

The current Ab initio program are offered under the following regulators:


  • Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV)


Training is completed at the academy in Clark, Philippines.


Ab initio programs are typically completed in 15 months (zero hours to Airbus A320 Type Rating), or 12 months up to the CPL/IR stage.


Cadets are required to complete 230 hours of basic flight training and 128 hours of advanced flight training, giving cadets a comprehensive system of knowledge required for them to be certified and to fly the A320 commercially. AAG’s team of teaching experts and training professionals oversee the curriculum and training process that effectively takes cadets from entry to the right-hand seat of a plane as a certified First Officer.

For more information on AAG’s Ab initio programs, please email: partnerships@aag.aero.