AAG ensures that all enrolled cadets have the necessary aptitude and capability to complete the program of their choosing. Before being accepted into the academy, we require all applicants to go through our carefully designed and thorough selection process.

Aspiring cadets must:

• Have an undergraduate degree in any discipline
• Be at least 18 years of age
• Have a CAAP Class 1 Medical Certificate

Aspiring cadets are required to prepare any submit the following documents to the Alpha Aviation Group (AAG):

• Resume
• Birth Certificate
• College Transcript of Records
• Passport
• 3 Passport Size Photos
• Application Fee

Once the requirements have been verified by AAG, aspiring cadets will be scheduled for the following pre-entry selection tests:

• Computer-based selection Test – ADAPT Pilot Aptitude System
• Interview with AAG’s Pilot Selection Panel

The final review process takes a minimum of 1 week. Once the assessment is finished, we will personally contact the cadet to finalize the selection process.

Student Financial Assistance

Alpha Aviation Group Philippines offers student assistance for students who require financial support through our Study Now | Pay Later program. To find out more, please download our guide and requirement list.

AAG also offer a flexible payment arrangement for students wishing to enroll. Please contact us to find out more.