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14 new cadet pilots inducted to the AAG Airline Pilot Program

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines – Fourteen (14) new cadet pilots were inducted to the AAG Airline Pilot Program (APP) on 19 September 2023. This is the 6th intake for this year, and the 71st since this flagship training program was launched in 2011.

Capt. Gimby Cervania (AAG International Center for Aviation Training [AICAT] Head of Training) welcomed to the trainees on board. “Training will be difficult, but as long as you have the right mentality and attitude, you will succeed. You came here as a group, rest assured you’ll graduate as a group. Some of you might excel, but rest assured this is a group work and team effort,” he underscored.

14 new cadet pilots inducted to the Airline Pilot Program

Mr. Paulo Mallari (AAGP Marketing & Sales Executive) walked the parents and cadets through AAG’s integrated training philosophy and support infrastructure – an assembly of top-of-class technology, tools and know-how which AAG has acquired and invested on through the years.

14 new cadet pilots

In his closing remarks, Capt. Gaudencio Maniano expressed his gratitude to the cadets and their loved ones for choosing AAG as their partner for their pilot training journey. He also assured the cadets of a top-of-class training experience designed to develop them as world-class aviation professionals ready to face the challenges of the ever-changing aviation industry. (AAG News)