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Many pilots are satisfied once they’ve gotten their private pilot license, but they don’t necessarily have to stop there. You also have the option to get further training and pursue a career as a commercial airline pilot that allows you to operate complex aircraft and earn a living transporting passengers or cargo to different destinations.

If you want to get a job from any of the local aviation companies, completing your commercial airline pilot training in the Philippines is an important step. It will help you become well-equipped with the right flight knowledge and be aware of the local regulations set by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

As you assess your career options, let’s take a look at these seven reasons why you should consider becoming a commercial airline pilot.

You Get to Travel to Local and International Destinations

If one of your life goals is to see the world, being a commercial airline pilot can help you achieve that. This career involves transporting passengers and cargo to different places around the globe, letting you explore various countries while on the job. Even if you fly to domestic destinations, you may end up in a new place you’ve never been to. With that, you get to explore various cities and cultures each time you report to work.

You Get Amazing Views While at Work

Compared to other occupations, becoming a commercial airline pilot provides you with some of the most amazing views. Nothing beats the scenic view as you fly thousands of feet up in the air. Also, the view can vary depending on the time of your flight. You might be able to catch a majestic sunrise or a beautiful sunset. During night flights you get to see a serene view of the sky. Regardless of the weather condition, the view up in the cockpit is unbeatable.

Every Work Day Is Different

When you become a commercial airline pilot, you won’t have to worry about a mundane workday. That’s because you’ll be working on different flight schedules, providing you with different experiences each time. You will encounter changing weather and various routes to different cities or countries. You also get to work with diverse groups of people and experience new challenges, giving you a dynamic workday every single time.

You Can Enjoy Greater Job Security

The demand for aviators is expected to increase in the near future. By 2036, airlines would need to hire an estimated 617,000 new pilots to take the place of retiring pilots and prevent pilot fatigue. Also, the increasing demand for air travel means more qualified aviators are needed to transport passengers all over the world. If you pursue a career as a commercial airline pilot today, you can be certain you’ll have better job security in the future.

It Can Be a Lucrative Career

Similar to other high-profile jobs like doctors, lawyers, or SEO services providers, becoming a commercial airline pilot can be a lucrative career. Depending on the airline you’re employed in, a First Class Officer can earn up to PHP 180,000 per month, while a Captain can take home up to PHP 280,000 a month. Your pay rate can also further improve as your seniority grows and your rating or flight hours increase.

Aside from your monthly income, you can also receive additional compensation for your transportation and living costs, meals, clothing, and hotel allowances.

You Receive Ample Time Off Work

While becoming a commercial airline pilot means flying to international destinations every now and then, you’ll also be given ample time to rest and recover. Usually, airline pilots are given one to two weeks off each month, which is plenty of rest days compared to other careers. This allows you to spend more time with your loved ones and to focus on your hobbies. And as your seniority grows, you can enjoy picking your flight schedule and taking a vacation.

Additionally, you can fully enjoy your time off without worrying about work. That’s because work-related tasks are left in the cockpit and at the end of your shift, so there’s no work to bring home.

You Get Travel Perks

As a commercial airline pilot, you have various travel perks. You can explore different places during your layover or while on vacation. You can also use your travel benefits to go to different destinations either for free or at a minimal cost. In addition to your trips, you can also extend your airline discounts to friends and families. This gives more opportunities for your loved ones to travel alongside you at a fraction of the cost.

From breathtaking views from the cockpit to various perks, there are many reasons why you should consider becoming a commercial airline pilot. Once you decide to pursue this aviation career, be sure to pick a pilot training school that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to take on the challenges of the job.