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Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga – An AAG-trained pilot is a resilient and a future ready pilot – this long term and forward-looking mindset is what Team AAG aims to instill to its trainees and even to its graduates, especially now that signs of recovery are emerging and that the industry is navigating its path back to its golden days.

Through the concerted efforts of the leaders, members, and volunteers of the Task Force “Balik Alpha”, the team formally launches today, the “AAG Mentoring Hub” – a mentoring program designed to engage, equip, and educate AAG’s trainees and graduates about the future of the aviation industry and pilot training, the path towards recovery, and the skills and the mindset needed in fulfilling and realizing their dream. Through individual coaching, small group discussions, and free learning sessions that will be delivered by seasoned pilots and aviation experts who serve as program mentors, the program aims to influence more cadets to appreciate the long-term value of completing their training as the first crucial step towards their envisioned career as commercial airline pilots and aviation professionals.

Task Force “Balik Alpha” – Mentoring Program TWG Lead and AAG’s Head of Training, Capt. Lev Albarece, underscored the importance of being in a team and working as a team in his opening address. “(being in a team) gives us a sense of purpose and belongingness. As the cliché goes, ‘there is no “I” in team’. So as a team, we are here to support each other, sama-sama tayo dito.”

AAG’s Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Mr. Cristopher Magdangal, also delivered an inspiring and motivating remarks during the program launch. His advice is for the mentees to maximize this platform and leverage on their mentors’ vast airline experiences. He also took the opportunity to thank each and every mentor for their invaluable support and for their willingness and passion to mold and prepare the next generation of pilots who will play a critical role in supporting and sustaining the industry’s recovery and growth.

The program kick-off was attended by approximately 102 participants including the mentors, the mentees, the AAG Management Team and staff. After the welcome speeches and remarks, the participants were assigned to their respective breakout room and were given group activities and tasks including identifying a group name for their team. Each team was asked to present their chosen group name and from thereon, the 8 groups under the AAG Mentoring Hub – Team Neo, Team Mission Possible, Team Phoenix, Team Eagles, Team Titan, Team Skywalker, Team Achievers 7, and Team Palaban, will continue to meet, learn, and engage with one another. The launch of this mentoring program is another testament of the team’s firm commitment to its Core Values of Service Excellence, Teamwork, and Customer Satisfaction, proving that at AAG, trainees are more just customers. They are part of a growing, evolving, and advancing AAG family – a family committed to serving and supporting the industry, and a family committed to realizing its vision of “An AAG-trained pilot in every flight deck in the Region”.