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AAG’s Maintenance Training Center Continues to Nurture the Future

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines – The AAG International Center for Aviation Training (AICAT) Maintenance Training Center (MTC) sent off another group of 52 trainees who successfully completed their respective courses during the second quarter of 2023.

AICAT-MTC has proven its commitment to foster the development of aviation professionals to support the aviation industry. With a total of 444 trainees enrolled in its various programs since its inception in 2021, the center has solidified its reputation as a hub of excellence in maintenance training. The center’s management and training teams are led by Capt. Gaudencio Maniano (Acoountable Manager), Renz Jayson Dilag (Aircraft Maintenance Manager) and Kevin Dy Tria (Head of Training).

AAG Maintenance Team

The center currently offers the following:

  • Aviation Maintenance Training Program (AMTP) – foundational knowledge and practical skills in aircraft systems, maintenance procedures, and industry regulations
  • Aviation Maintenance Internship Program (AMIP) – hands-on experience alongside professionals to tackle real-world maintenance scenarios
  • Aeronautical Engineering Internship Program (AEIP) – bridging theoretical engineering knowledge with practical applications in aircraft maintenance
  • Supplemental Proficiency Program (SPP) – specialized courses/modules to keep aviation professionals updated with industry advancements
  • Type Rating Courses (Cessna C172 and Technam P2006T)

The AICAT-MTC programs are designed to provide a comprehensive, hands-on training experience for students who want to pursue a career in aviation. These programs entail rigorous training in areas such as aircraft maintenance, avionics, aircraft systems and type rating. Furthermore, the programs also expose students to the latest technology and equipment used in the aviation industry.

AAG Trainess

As the aviation landscape evolves with technological advancements and industry regulations, institutions like AICAT-MTC remain at the forefront of shaping the future of aviation professionals. With its commitment to excellence, diverse curriculum, and emphasis on practical learning, AICAT-MTC continues to empower individuals with the skills they need to make a meaningful impact in the aviation sector. (AAG Feature)