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Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga – Revenge travel is brought about by the “new normal” and is an occurrence that the hospitality industry is keeping an eye on, as people are eager to make up for the time they’ve “lost” during the pandemic. Hence, the objective of this year’s AAG Mentoring Hub was to inspire the cadets to continue their training passionately, and encourage current aviators to re-equip and update their licenses, preparing them for the bustling future of the tourism industry ahead.

The mentoring hub focused on promoting teamwork, communication and cooperation, with the incorporation of the theme of resilience, through group discussion and activities. The attendees were already divided into eight teams prior to the mentoring hub, namely: Neo, Phoenix, Team Titan, Mission Possible, Eagles, Skywalker, Achievers 7 and Palaban. Each group, composed of both mentors and mentees, had a lead mentor and deputy mentor that guided the mentees and helped in facilitating the activities held in the online environment, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Mentees were students of AAG and those who are having their recurrent training, while mentors were AAG’s flight instructors.

At the end of the day, the mentoring hub proved to be successful for both mentors and mentees, as they imparted great knowledge upon each other, and understanding that resilience isn’t about getting through problems on their own, it is about learning to accept help from others and leaning on them for support during difficult moments, because we are stronger together than we are alone. After all, flying and landing an aircraft isn’t a one man job, it takes a dedicated synergy from a great team of individuals.