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Airline Pilot Program™ (CAAP-Approved)

The Airline Pilot Program (APP), one of our flagship courses, is a full-time cadetship program that can be completed in approximately 72 weeks (18 months).

It is designed to ‘fast track’ an aspiring pilot through all the modular phases of their training up until they are ready to complete or undergo a course to fly a commercial jet

The APP is devised to take a cadet Ab-Initio—from the beginning—through all of the professional pilot qualifications that are required to work as an airline pilot. This program is not a standard CPL/IR course offered by other pilot training schools in the Philippines. It includes a full type rating on the Airbus A320.

Cadet Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree (any discipline)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • CAAP Class 1 Medical Certificate (at the time of course commencement)
  • Successful ADAPT exam and panel interview
  • Passport
  • Diploma
  • Three copies of 2”x 2” ID photos

(Note: To be submitted on or before the ADAPT Exam; No document, No exam policy is implemented.)

Cadet Application Supporting Documents

  • Resume
  • Birth Certificate
  • Transcript of Records

First Officer Preparation™ (CAAP- Approved)

The First Officer Preparation Program provides the cadets with all three phases of training and all three licenses to help qualify the new pilot to commercially fly a single and/or multi-engine aircraft.

It is composed of the standard pilot training program of the private pilot license, commercial pilot license, and instrument rating. Training duration is approximately 12 months.

Ab Initio Program- CAAV

The Ab-Initio Program is a CAAV-approved full-time course to be completed in approximately 72 weeks. Cadet pilots are provided with sufficient theoretical knowledge, skills, and experience to qualify as an Airbus A320 First Officer in an airline.

Classroom lectures, computer-based training, simulator flight training, and actual flight training in the single and multi-engine aircraft are included in the program just like the APP.

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