Capt. Manuel Foronda

Accountable Manager


Human Resource

Training Management


Boeing B747 SEEQC, Philippine Airlines

Air/Ground Trans. Management, Sheppard/Travis AFB, Texas/Ca. USA

PAF Flying School, Pilot Trainee/Acad/Flt. Instructor Course

Philippine Military Academy Class 71- Bachelor of Science

achelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 4th year- MIT


Aviation School Instructor, Philippine Airlines

VP Human Resource, AFP Mutual Benefit Assoc., Inc

Chief, CAAP Licensing/ATOCID

CAAP Validation & Conversion Officer

B747 FDC/FE Sim Instr- Orient Thai Airlines/Phuket Air

GM, Philippine Health Corporation

B747-200 SE, PAL/Aero Filipinas

Aviation School Instructor, PAL

Dean of Academics & Dir. Command & Management, AFPCGSC

ADC for CMO,D7/Assistant Chief for Operations, 2AD, Cebu

VP Human Resource, AFPMBAI

Chief Promotion Br/Board of Generals Secretariat, J1GHQAFP

Chief, Plans & Program., A3HPAF, VAB

Chief Training Br., W3HQ100TW, FAB

Squadron Cmdr., 101PTS. PAFFS

Acad./Flt. Instructor, PAF Flying School

Student Officer/Flight Leader, PAF Flying School


Outstanding Aviator Service Award, Civil Aviation Industry

Outstanding Citizen of Candon City, Military Service