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AAG Simulator with Pilots
Why Flight Simulators Are Important Tools for Training Pilots
October 18, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

Flight simulators or flight training devices are vital tools for individuals who are training to become pilots. They mimic different flight sensations and conditions that pilots will most likely encounter. They then use these augmented simulations to practice instrument skills and challenging maneuvers. A lot of flight schools use simulator training as part of their […]

4 Tips on How to Get Hired as a Pilot at the Airline Company of Your Choice
AAG Corporate Affairs

As an aspiring aviator, one of your goals might include getting hired at a certain airline company. Perhaps, you know someone who previously worked in that company and had an excellent experience. Or maybe the airline company of your choice offers an excellent compensation package as well as the opportunity to move to another country. […]

A Quick Look at the Various Career Options inside the Commercial Aviation Industry
October 6, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

The commercial aviation industry is an important global business that helps connect different countries and cultures by providing an efficient method to travel while growing tourism industry. It has made transporting goods easier, making international trade possible and more efficient. It also creates plenty of job opportunities for people who want to be part of […]

5 Ways You Can Pay for Flight School Training
October 4, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

Typically, aspiring pilots enroll in the pilot training school to help themselves get the right qualifications. There, students equip themselves with substantial knowledge and train for months so they can safely operate a specific aircraft. Apart from the time and effort, undergoing flight training requires a considerable investment. That’s because pilot training is a specialized […]

How Can the Aviation Industry Recover in a Post-Pandemic World?
July 26, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the aviation industry over the last two years. Industry revenue, for instance, totaled only $328 billion in 2020, a mere 40% of the previous year’s. Experts expect that the sector will remain significantly smaller for a few more years, forecasting that a return to 2019 levels […]