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What Can You Do with an Aviation Degree?
June 2, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

Working in the aviation industry is the dream for many people. Navigating a plane through the skies, helping people travel all over the globe, improving existing aircraft to reach new heights–all of these play into the wonder of building a career in aviation. Now, most people think “pilot” when choosing a career path in this […]

cessna fleet
What to Expect on Your First Discovery Flight
May 31, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

A discovery flight is exactly what it sounds like. It is your first introduction to flying an aircraft and is the first step for many aspiring individuals in getting their pilot’s license. After all, learning how to operate an aircraft is a hands-on skill that you will have to learn and develop over time. The […]

5 Skills You Need to Develop during Flight School to Become a Better Pilot
May 26, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

You’ve finally entered a pilot training school, now what? Now that you’re about to go into pilot training, you should use this chance to train and hone certain skills you will need to become a good pilot. These skills are necessary to help you get the job done and keep not only you and your crew safe, […]

Piloting 101: Taking a Look at a Pilot’s Pre-Flight Checklist
May 10, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

As captain of the plane, the pilot bears the ultimate responsibility for everyone’s safety–both passengers and staff alike. One key component to ensuring everyone’s safety is practicing proper flight preparation. Considering how aircrafts are highly complex machines, understanding how it works and how to keep it in order is an important part of pilot training. […]