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Pilot who is flying an airplane
How to Deal with Motion Sickness in Flight Training
October 25, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

The idea of becoming a pilot sounds like a dream—flying on open skies and jet-setting to different countries around the world. However, few ever make it to flight training. That’s because the path to becoming a pilot involves a lot of challenges and sacrifices, one of which is overcoming motion sickness. Since about a third […]

Piloting Tips 101: How to Deal with Turbulence While Flying
October 18, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Turbulence is as common to flying as bumps are to a car ride on a gravel road. Though it can feel disconcerting and uncomfortable, turbulence is rarely a cause for concern. If you’re an aspiring pilot training in the Philippines, there’s good news for you. Dealing with turbulence is a skill that you can master […]

Cessna plane on land
8 Tips on How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying as a Student Pilot
October 13, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

As a student pilot, it’s normal to have fears about flying. It’s a natural emotion to feel, especially for those who are in the early stages of their aviation training. They may be unfamiliar with the aircraft, cockpit procedures, or the sensation of flight. They might also not know what to expect during a flight. […]

pilot students
What Strand is Pilot in Senior High?
October 12, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Dreaming of becoming a pilot has been a lifelong ambition for many, and the moment to turn that dream into reality is approaching. The journey begins with choosing the right pilot strand in Senior High to pave the way to your ambitions. Navigating the path to becoming a pilot is a complex yet highly rewarding […]

pilots taking instrument rating course
8 Reasons Why You Should Get an Instrument Rating
October 11, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Enrolling in a pilot school in the Philippines puts you one step closer to your dreams of becoming a commercial airline pilot. As a student pilot, you’ll gain the skills to operate an aircraft and learn the fundamentals of flight to ensure that you become a competent pilot when you graduate. Although completing your flight […]