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a pilot controlling the airplane
5 Common Mistakes Every Student Pilot Should Avoid
February 13, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

As a student pilot, you’ll undergo hours of ground school and flight simulator training, and each stage of your training will require you to correctly apply the things you’ve learned in order to progress through the course. With so many exams and modules to study for, as well as the pressure to ace the course, […]

two pilots in an airplane cockpit
4 Benefits of Pilot Seniority
February 6, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

After graduating from flight school, it’s wise to start sending job applications to as many airlines as you possibly can. Not only will this help jumpstart your piloting career, but it also places you on an airline’s seniority list or roster as soon as possible. Unlike some other industries, aviation operates on a seniority-based system. […]

two pilots in a cockpit of a flying airplane
5 Challenges of Being an Airline Pilot
January 30, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Working as an airline pilot has its perks. Not only are you paid well, but you also get to travel the world, see breathtaking views from the skies, and get a lot of time off per month. These are benefits that are certainly worthy of someone tasked to fly a plane from one point to […]

7 Simple Flight Training Tips Every Student Pilot Should Know
January 22, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Whether you want to learn to fly as a hobby or you’re looking to pick up a new type rating certification, everything begins at flight school. This is where every student learns the basics of flying and builds the foundation of the skills that they need to successfully pilot an aircraft. Thus, it’s imperative to […]

6 Good Habits Student Pilots Pick Up When Using Flight Simulators
January 16, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

A flight simulator is a piece of equipment that uses advanced computer technology to replicate the motions, sounds, and controls of a modern airplane.