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two pilots in a cockpit of a flying airplane
5 Challenges of Being an Airline Pilot
January 30, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Working as an airline pilot has its perks. Not only are you paid well, but you also get to travel the world, see breathtaking views from the skies, and get a lot of time off per month. These are benefits that are certainly worthy of someone tasked to fly a plane from one point to […]

7 Simple Flight Training Tips Every Student Pilot Should Know
January 22, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Whether you want to learn to fly as a hobby or you’re looking to pick up a new type rating certification, everything begins at flight school. This is where every student learns the basics of flying and builds the foundation of the skills that they need to successfully pilot an aircraft. Thus, it’s imperative to […]

6 Good Habits Student Pilots Pick Up When Using Flight Simulators
January 16, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

A flight simulator is a piece of equipment that uses advanced computer technology to replicate the motions, sounds, and controls of a modern airplane.

close up photo of the Golden equator
5 Tips on Maintaining a Proper Pilot Logbook
January 10, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

In the Philippines and many other countries, pilots are required to maintain a logbook. It’s a book where pilots write and record their flying hours and every flight they have flown. Some of the contents of a pilot logbook are the pilot’s flight time, number of landings, and types of instrument maneuvers they made. The […]

Two Pilots Flying an Airplane
5 Tips on How to Avoid Pilot Deviations During Your Flight
January 2, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

No matter how illustrious the commercial pilot career may seem, you shouldn’t be blinded by its perks. The stripes on your uniform mean that you’re responsible for ensuring the safety of your passengers and your cargo, so you have to stay focused on your job. If you fail to deliver what is asked of you, […]