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4 Common Causes of Aviation Accidents
December 27, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

Air travel has come a long way since the Wright brothers successfully flew and controlled an engine-powered aircraft. During the early stages of aviation, it was challenging simply to get a plane up in the air, carry people across long distances, and land in one piece. Today, commercial airlines have the ability to fly millions […]

Looking Back at the History of Airbus
December 19, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

Airbus S.A.S is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft. You will see its aircraft used by many airline companies and plenty of pilots completing their type rating to fly the latest Airbus models. However, the success of this European aircraft manufacturer didn’t happen overnight. It took years of innovation and overcoming challenges […]

6 Fun Facts That You Might Not Know About Airbus
December 12, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

Since the 1970s, Airbus has become one of the major aircraft manufacturers in the world. The company is a trusted name when it comes to narrowbody and widebody commercial aircraft. It also delivers more airplanes in a year than other companies. This explains why you’ll notice Airbus aircraft in service for many airline companies around […]

Pilot Training
5 Tips on How to Mentally and Physically Prepare Yourself for Pilot Training
AAG Corporate Affairs

There are many reasons why a lot of people dream of becoming commercial airline pilots. Not only does the aviation industry pay their pilots well, but the job also lets you fly a state-of-the-art aircraft and travel around the world. From an outsider’s perspective, working in the aviation sector is an illustrious career. However, what […]

three pilots using AAG's flight simulator
Why Flight Simulators Are Important Tools for Training Pilots
October 18, 2022
AAG Corporate Affairs

Flight simulators or flight training devices are vital tools for individuals who are training to become pilots. They mimic different flight sensations and conditions that pilots will most likely encounter. They then use these augmented simulations to practice instrument skills and challenging maneuvers. A lot of flight schools use simulator training as part of their […]