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One of the most appealing aspects of AAG is the culture of collaboration that exists among the cadets. While each of them must take responsibility for his or her own progress in AAG, we are proud to have established a student culture wherein everyone takes it upon themselves to share valuable information and firsthand accounts of their own training with their fellow cadets. We promote an environment of open learning that guarantees each and every student’s success in their training and in their future career as airline pilots and aviation industry leaders.

The AAG cadets also get to interact with fellow cadet pilots from across the globe, sharing experiences that help prepare them to become premier aviators. From the moment they step foot on AAG grounds, cadets are given the opportunity to spread their wings, secure their future, and take on the world as first-class pilots. Our school takes on a holistic approach to pilot education by advancing our student’s academic background and developing their social skills.

With all the hard work that each of our cadet puts forth, it is only fitting that they enjoy their journey towards becoming world-class pilots.