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Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) is the country’s premier provider of innovative high quality, and game-changing pilot training solutions for the domestic and Asia Pacific markets. AAG is part of a institution that trains and produces world-class pilots.

The institution’s portfolio of top-of-class training solutions is backed by world-class training philosophy and support infrastructure. AAG has the sufficient technical expertise, track record, infrastructure, support systems, and tools critical in delivering world-class pilot training solutions suited to the requirements of its clients and partners.Currently, it is the biggest training institution in the country, having the largest and most advanced fleet of flight training device. AAG is also the only ISO certified Approved Training Organization (ATO) in the Philippines for its Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015), and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001:2018). Its core quality, safety and compliance system adhere with the highest standard in the world.

AAG is creating the Future Now. The institution’s initiatives are geared towards propelling the country into becoming a premier civil and military training and maintenance hub in the region.

Course Design

The aim of this course if to sufficiently equip trainees with the knowledge and skills in the normal and abnormal operations of the Airbus A320 and prepare them for airline flight operations.

  • Designed to develop the 9 pilot competencies following ICAO principles of Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)
  • Compliant with PCAR and aligned with the latest Airbus procedures and standards
  • Complete with Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC), Jet Orientation Training (JOT), and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) modules
  • Can be delivered in less than 3 months utilizing a pool of instructors with solid competence and experience, and the most comprehensive suite of training devices and tools (CBT. MCDU, IPT, FBS, FFS)

The course if conducted in pairs and its duration is approximately 3 months*.

Application and Admission

The following application requirements can be initially submitted through email and must be presented in person:

  • Resume with breakdown of logged flight time and type rating (i.e. Pilot in Command, Second in Command, etc.)
  • Flight Training Certificates/Documents
  • Pilot Logbook (with 200 hours of logged actual flight time, 100 of which is Pilot in Command)
  • Pilot Licences (CPL/IR)
  • Radio License
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • At least Level 4 in English Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Passport
  • Two pieces of 2 “x2” ID photos

Additional requirements for foreign students applicants are:


  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
  • Special Study Permit (SSP) from Bureau of Immigration (BI)

Pursue a career in aviation today through AAG’s Study Now, Pay Later program and set yourself up for a successful, fulfilling, and rewarding profession. Fast track your path by taking the Airline Pilot Program, or prepare yourself for the rigorous process of applying for a First Officer position by taking the First Officer Transition Program. For more information about these programs, get in touch with AAG through the following channels:

AAG is located at N1087 Jose Abad Santos Ave, Clark Freeport Angeles, Pampanga 2023

We Do Not Just Train Pilots.

We Develop Future Leaders for the Aviation Industry.