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CLARK FREEPORT ZONE, Pampanga – With the “New Normal” emerging, it is expected that life as we’ve known it before will not be back any time soon, or perhaps ever, even after the Enhanced Community Quarantine is lifted. This “new normal” will definitely transform the way people live and the way businesses operate. And for most companies, unprecedented steps and measures had to be taken in order to pull off a delicate balance between business continuity and stakeholders’ safety. This is a point in time wherein operating in a “business as usual” set up is certainly not a viable option.

This reality is being taken seriously at Alpha Aviation Group. After series of tabletop exercises, brainstorming and rehearsals that happened in the month of April, the Task Force “New Normal” and the Task Force “Transition” welcomed the month of May with another round of punch listing activity and walk thru rehearsals last 07 May. The team simulated the entrance and exit procedures based on the new protocol released, arranged the new normal workplace and office set-up, and polished the protocol in handling symptomatic individuals arriving in AAG. Through this exercise, the organization is now 84% ready to resume business operation under “new normal” and “strictly controlled environment” conditions. A last walk thru is scheduled within the week to finally make AAG 100% ready for eventual business operations resumption.

“We want to make AAG a safe place for its employees, cadets, airline clients and all other key stakeholders. Now more than ever, SAFETY is our topmost priority and our foremost consideration in every decision we make and in every measure we implement,” says AAG’s Head of Safety, Engr. Patrick Gio Saylo. “We want the entire AAG community to have the confidence to return to their second home once the ECQ is lifted,” he added.

Aside from the initiatives done within AAG’s premises, the Task Force “New Normal” and the Task Force “Transition” also participated to CDC’s formulation of “New Normal Workforce and Workplace Management Plan”. Among all locators in Clark, Alpha Aviation Group is the first one to provide a detailed and comprehensive “New Normal” Protocol, proving its commitment and readiness to support our government and society in this fight against COVID-19 and to boost the speedy recovery of the aviation industry.

The fight against COVID-19 may be far from over, as more challenges and disruptions are expected to arise, but in all these, the AAG Family will not cease to respond with utmost optimism and agility. The family believes that it can emerge stronger and succeed in the new normal as it continues to exhibit the strength of a united family and stay committed to its Vision, Mission and Core Values.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”

– Napoleon Hill