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Becoming a commercial airline pilot is no easy feat. Several prerequisites have to be satisfied, licenses and certifications have to be obtained, and flying hours both in a simulator and in an actual aircraft have to be accumulated. Fortunately, for aspiring cadets, there is the Alpha Airline Pilot Program (AAPP). Designed by Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), this comprehensive course takes a pilot through all of the qualifications required so they are ready to join an airline as a First Officer.


In this post, we explore this unique training program from AAG and discuss its advantages for aspiring pilots and prospective cadets.

No Previous Experience Necessary


The Alpha Airline Pilot Program was specifically created for individuals who have zero experience in the industry. Aspiring pilots do not need to have any previous experience related to aviation. As long as you have an undergraduate degree and the motivation to succeed, you can apply for the training course.

Comprehensive and Complete


Easily, one of the benefits of the AAPP is its extensive course footprint. It is a carefully designed and structured course to take a cadet through the various professional pilot qualifications that are required to become a qualified professional airline pilot.

Unlike other academy programs that provide a standard CPL-IR course, the AAPP ensures that the pilots know the key theoretical frameworks involving flight and navigation and are aware of the standards, demands and culture of the modern airport. At the same time, AAG Philippines employs faculty members and trainers with decades of experience in the business. These instructors have thousands of hours experience between them in a commercial and military training environment.

Moreover, the Alpha Airline Pilot Program ensures that cadets go through complete and comprehensive preparation so that they are well aware of what to expect in an airline environment. This includes the hours and courses needed to pass the skills test for the private pilot license, commercial pilot license and instrument rating. The advanced phase of training includes comprehensive courses on multi-crew cooperation and jet orientation training, culminating in a Type Rating and Line Oriented Flight training course, which ensures that cadets are equipped with the system of skills and knowledge needed to fly the Airbus A320, the most widely used aircraft in the Asia Pacific region.

Structured and Delivered in an Efficient Manner

Perhaps one of the major benefits of the Alpha Airline Pilot Program is its highly structured, time-sensitive and accelerated nature. This particular training option is full-time and can be completed in a mere 60 weeks, allowing cadets to immediately join an airline once they have obtained the necessary licenses and certification. Some of Alpha’s cadets have affectionately nicknamed this program “Zero to Hero.”

Designed to Replicate the Airline Environment

One of the goals of the AAPP is to provide a way for pilots to transition from flying a small aircraft to commercial jet with minimal disruption to training. One effective method to achieve that is by replicating the airline environment through the use of state-of-the-art technology. AAG is aware of the value of using advanced equipment, which is why they employ the Cessna 172 that features a glass cockpit. The glass cockpit utilizes high-tech avionics and digital flight displays, such as LCD screens, replacing the more traditional analog dials. Moreover, they also utilize the Level “D” Full Flight Airbus A320 Simulator, a machine that accurately reproduces the instruments and mechanisms of the Airbus A320. To date, AAG is the only flight school in the Philippines that owns and maintains a simulator certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

These types of equipment provide cadets the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the instruments and displays that are in use in a modern jet aircraft’s flight deck. Once cadets begin their career as an airline pilot, they will have the confidence and technical expertise that would enable further career growth and success.

With many requirements and qualifications, training to become a commercial pilot might seem like a daunting challenge. However, that is easily taken care of with Alpha’s Airline Pilot Program training program. Now more than ever, your dream of becoming a top quality pilot is in within reach. Contact AAG today to learn more about the Alpha Airline Pilot Program.

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