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As the volume of global passenger travel continues to increase every year, airlines encounter increased competition and customer demand for lower prices. Now more than ever, airlines are faced with the pressure to improve their products and services without ballooning operational expenses. This challenge is one that the Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) seeks to address offering partnership and outsourcing opportunities.

With AAG’s comprehensive training programs and thorough pilot selection procedure, airlines are provided with the opportunity to maximize their operations within their financial budget, whilst ensuring the acquisition of not just top quality pilots, but future Captains.

AAG’s outsourcing services provide airlines with the following benefits:

1.   Reduced expenses in pilot recruitment and acquisition

AAG's outsourcing services, which includes a type rating course, allows airlines to reduce costs.

Outsourcing training services allows airlines to reduce their operational expenses.

Traditionally airlines assess, recruit and recruit their own pilots. This typically includes renting facilities, equipment and organising the qualified team members to ensure that the cadets acquire the necessary skills required for training.

Having an outsourcing partnership with AAG enables airlines to transfer the responsibilities of training, assessment and selection to an expert. This allows carriers to reduce operational overhead, as AAG will be responsible for cadet recruitment and training and the maintenance of training facilities and equipment.

2. Airlines can focus on optimizing operational competencies

Outsourcing with Alpha Aviation Group, the best flight school in the region, allows airlines to focus on their service.

By outsourcing, airlines can focus on their operations and the services they provide.

Outsourcing the training, assessment and selection process also provides airlines the opportunity to focus on their internal operations. As a result of outsourcing pilot training with AAG, airlines can focus more of its resources and manpower on core programs and activities that will deliver improved customer service, operational efficiency, safety and overall airline performance.

3. Airlines are assured pilots of the highest caliber

AAG provides pilot assessment and selection services to its partners.

Outsourcing assessment services ensure airlines that they get the best and brightest pilots.

With pilot training, assessment, and selection outsourced to a trusted partner like AAG, airlines are provided with first-class and highly-competent pilots. AAG works together with Human Resource Group’s Symbiotics division, a British Human Performance Company, to provide assessment and selection services to their partners.

AAG’s comprehensive evaluation process includes:

  • Advanced Personality Questionnaires
  • Math
  • English
  • Physics
  • FAST (Future Aptitude Screening Tool)
  • Cognitive Tests
  • Coordination Assessment
  • Fixed Wing Computer Based Assessment

All of the cadet’s performance and scores are then evaluated by a panel of professional experts composed of experienced pilots, flight instructors, regulatory experts, airline managers and retired captains. A typical selection process is completed within 6 working days, with a detailed results and recommendations delivered to the client on day 6.

4. Airlines get the advantage of creative and flexible partnerships

By choosing AAG as a partner to deliver the selection process, the airline is able to benefit from the following:

  • Improved avoidance of future risk
  • Pilot’s character matches airline culture
  • Pilots requiring less remedial training
  • Lower training costs
  • Lower overall costs
  • Reduced turnover of pilots

Another demand in the aviation industry is the creative and flexible relationship between the training institution and its airline partners. Through AAG’s years of experience and extensive understanding of the aviation industry, this creativity and flexibility is integrated within the training, providing the airlines with competent pilots and an overall enhanced partnership.

This strategic alliance established between AAG and its airline partners also provides a competitive advantage for both parties, as they develop a stronger partnership base and increased value in the aviation industry.

By focusing on their core competencies and by employing a superior crew of pilots through AAG’s outsourcing opportunities, airlines can improve its overall operations, provide better service to its clients and expand opportunities for industry and market leadership.

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Photo 1 and 2 by Doug via Flickr. CC BY NC-ND 2.0.

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