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The COVID-19 pandemic provided us in AAG another golden opportunity to revisit our business model, training philosophy and support infrastructure.

For one, our Training Solutions Development and Review Committees (TSDRC) wasted no time. Practically all available pause in training during the lock-down was utilized to develop new programs and courses and to review and enhance all existing offerings to make them more solid than ever. At the strategic level, this was part of AAG’s renewed commitment to its vision (“An AAG-trained pilot in every flight deck in the regions we serve”), mission (“Train and develop word-class pilots and future leaders for the aviation industry by providing top-of-class training solutions”), and core values (“Service Excellence, Teamwork, Customer Satisfaction”).

With the aviation industry’s rebound now definitely in full swing, it becomes all the more important to create and nurture both internal and external pools of “Champions”: people who believe and share our vision, mission and core values; people who know and understand that for the future generation of airline pilots to achieve their goals, they deserve nothing less than world-class training. And to guide them toward that direction, we need people who can provide them the right data and information, knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration.

These “Champions” are amongst us: our own personnel and their families; our cadets, alumni and their eversupportive parents and benefactors; our colleagues and friends. We wish to continue recognizing and incentivizing their efforts in championing our world-class brand through the “AAG Champions Program”.

Our very own Ms Carla Marcelino of the Student Affairs and Client Relations (SACRe) Department is not just a pioneer but an epitome of an AAG Champion. She joined the Program because she wanted to be an advocate of growth in the aviation industry and a beacon for aspiring pilots. “Through this Program, I am able to take a more distinct and active role in bringing #AAGWorldClass to more people. Having worked with AAG for more than six years, I have seen first-hand how serious AAG is in performing its mission. AAG’s story of unparalleled commitment is worth sharing to our stakeholders,” Carla proudly shares.

Together, we can bring world-class aviation training closer to more aspiring pilots out there. Join the “AAG Champions Program” now! (AAG Corporate Affairs)