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AAG Employee Trade Fair 2023

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines – Promoting employee engagement remains a core component of HR management at AAG. For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAG Employee Trade Fair 2023 was held face-to-face on 19 May 2023 at the AAG Philippines Simulator Training Center Event Hall, encompassing a wide range of activities designed facilitate knowledge sharing and foster personal growth among the members of the AAG Family.

The event was formally opened by Mr. John Elijah Roa (HR Supervisor), setting a positive tone for the day’s activities. Mr. Roa welcomed the attendees, emphasizing the importance of promoting employee engagement and personal growth within the organization. Following his remarks, Ms. Jesusa Reyes (HR Senior Associate) led the invocation and addressed the participants, expressing gratitude for their presence and emphasizing the significance of continuous learning and development.

An AAG Employee having a speech on Trade Fair 2023

Serving as a central component and garnering significant attention and prominence throughout the event, The “AAG Blue Bag Session Series 2023” was launched and hosted by “Alpha Omada 2023” (the group of interns deployed to Marketing & Sales Department). This innovative activity reflects AAG’s dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace, promoting a healthy working environment, and encouraging open and constructive discussions among employees.

AAG Employee Trade Fair

The Blue Bag Session included discussion segments on the following topics:

  • trade and industry development, business counseling, and entrepreneurship – by Mr. Joseph D. Pineda, Ms. Alfine B. Bonus, and Ms. Miah Minervan Gatbonton of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
  • creating and sharing value as an individual – by Mr. Hezekiah Alis (CEO, HYMM Lines Corp.) who highlighted the importance of employee contributions to the growth and success of the organization. Attendees were encouraged to identify opportunities for value creation in their roles and explore collaborative approaches to maximize their impact.
  • financial literacy – by Mr. Kevin Dy Tria (HOT, AICAT-MTC) who offered practical tips and insights to help employees manage their personal finances effectively. The session covered topics such as budgeting, saving, investment, and planning for the future.
  • mental health – by Ms. Shiela May Castor (Student Affairs Technical Officer, AAGP) who emphasized its significance in maintaining overall well-being. Her presentation focused on strategies to manage stress, maintain work-life balance, and foster a positive mindset.

To formally conclude the event, Capt. Vicente Casibang II (Accountable Manager, AAGP) delivered his remarks, expressing gratitude and providing affirmation to all attendees for a job well done.

AAG Employees

The fair was capped off by a BBQ catch-up, which gave the employees an opportunity to unwind and socialize with musical accompaniment courtesy of the 600th Air Base Group (Philippine Air Force) band. (AAG Corporate Affairs)