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Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga – AAG’s portfolio of world class training solutions is a product of the team’s commitment to training value and willingness to submit to audits and inspections of regulatory and other certifying bodies, both local and international, to ensure quality, safety, and compliance. The organization’s international, regional, and local approvals and accreditations serve as benchmark and an affirmation that clients are provided with nothing less than world-class pilot training.

AAG takes pride for having FSTDs approved and certified by foreign regulatory bodies like the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). It was in 2012 when AAG got its first EASA certification for its Airbus A320 Level D Full Flight Simulator. And since then, the team endeavored to meet and satisfy the quality and safety standards set by EASA, and even expanded the scope of its accreditation by adding two (2) more simulators under the EASA accreditation. On its 10th year now, Team AAG has once again undergone and has successfully passed the EASA FSTD re-qualification audit. The audit happened last February 16 to 23 at the AAG Headquarters in Clark, Freeport Zone, Pampanga. Capt. Klaus Walkner and Mr. Marek Molnar – EASA inspectors, were sent to the site to facilitate the audit. The audit covers inspection on the FSTDs’ correct operation of controls, instruments, and systems under normal and unusual conditions. A recurrent audit for AAG’s Compliance Monitoring System was also conducted, with focus areas on quality / compliance, internal audit process, staff training / qualifications, safety management and risk assessment, and FSTD maintenance and safety. “These are all in line with AAG’s Quality Policy – one that adheres to local laws, rules, regulations, and internationally accepted best practices. And it’s how we show our commitment to continuously elevate standards and our readiness to serve operators and individual pilots with the training solutions they need, like training solutions as per EASA standards”, said Ms. Ayessa Ann Bajamundi, Head – Quality and Compliance.

This milestone – a decade of complying to EASA standards, is a result of the concerted and collective efforts of the Quality & Safety Department, the Simulator Maintenance Department, AAG’s Training team, and all the other support teams who worked hard to prepare for the audit and make sure that the auditors will see “world-class” in every focus area of the audit. Few weeks later, the EASA Accreditation certificate for the Airbus A320 Level D FFS, Airbus A320 Level D FFS 2.0 (NEO / CEO + UPRT Configuration), and the Airbus A330 Level D FFS were released and were published on EASA’s website, making AAG still the only facility in the Philippines with FSTDs certified by the EU aviation agency / regulatory body.

Kudos to Team AAG!