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CLARK FREEPORT ZONE, Pampanga – One of the principles that paved the way for AAG into becoming one of the biggest pilot training institutions across Asia Pacific Region is to always be two steps ahead of the game. “Preparedness is the key. We do not react the moment the situation comes. We anticipate, study all facets and then plan accordingly. That is the AAG Way”, says AAG’s Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, Mr. Cristopher Magdangal. “It’s the same principle we applied in responding to the effects of this pandemic crisis to the overall business operations of Alpha Aviation Group,” he added.

Ever since news about the coronavirus started spreading, AAG has proactively taken measures on how to mitigate the potential impact of the outbreak to the employees, trainees and other key stakeholders. The company has also complied with all the guidelines released by the regulatory body and the national government proving its support and commitment to help in the fight against COVID-19. And despite of the offices in all operational hubs being closed temporarily, AAG was able to ensure business continuity through the work-from-home guidelines released by the company.

With the ECQ in high-risk areas, including Central Luzon and NCR, expected to be lifted by 15th of May, AAG’s efforts are now geared towards preparing for the eventual resumption of business operations under “new normal” and “strictly controlled environment” conditions. RD Magdangal organized Task Force “New Normal” and Task Force “Transition” for this purpose.

These parallel efforts are woven together under the “We are AAG-ready” Campaign (#WeAreAAGReady) which aims to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • educate & ready entire AAG Family on “new normal” and “strictly controlled environment” conditions
  • apprise key stakeholders (clients, regulators, decision-makers, allied agencies) regarding our readiness to resume business operations
  • influence policy & decision-making so we can be mapped and tagged “CAPABLE AND READY TO RESUME BUSINESS OPERATIONS”

“This is an affirmation of AAG’s commitment and readiness to support our government and society’s fight against COVID-19, to resume business operations under ‘new normal’ and ‘strictly controlled environment’ conditions, and to boost the speedy recovery of the aviation industry,” underscores RD Magdangal.

Tabletop exercises started in mid-April and a New Protocol was sent to the entire AAG family last April 20 via email with its updated version sent last April 30. “New Normal” Operations Dry Run started in April 23 followed by another rehearsal / punch listing activity last April 28. 2 weeks prior to the scheduled lifting of the ECQ, AAG is already 71% ready to resume with its business operations. The final rehearsal for the New Protocol is set on May 07, making the company 100% capable and ready to resume business operations by May 18.

Once again, this proves that the strength and resiliency of the AAG Family is stronger than this pandemic, is stronger than any adversity. We are Ready! We are AAG-Ready!