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The continuous growth of air travel and the rapid expansion of the industry have brought significant new challenges that airlines must address. This includes the need to review internal policies, align services with new and updated civil aviation regulations, review passenger safety procedures, optimize resource acquisition and recruit competent pilots to meet the steadily increasing demand. This new era in the industry has forced airlines to focus on improving operational efficiency in cost-effective ways.


Flight training is a key component that is becoming more costly for airlines to continue as an in-house service. Fortunately, there are aviation training solution providers that can provide valuable assistance to airlines. One of these institutions is Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), which creates custom-made training solutions, ensuring that airlines meet the requirements of the industry to maintain successful operations. Here are some benefits of investing in AAG’s custom-made programs:

Airlines can request for pilot assessment and selection


One of the key elements in airline operations is pilot competency. Every airline requires a specific set of skills and expertise depending on the types of aircrafts used and flight conditions. Based on these particular requirements, the Alpha Aviation Group can develop a specialized Airline Pilot Selection program that includes pilot training, assessment, and selection, providing airlines with competent and skilled pilots that fit their operational requirements. Through a unique and extensive process of psychological and personality assessment, systematic examinations on theoretical and practical knowledge, and aptitude and cognitive tests, AAG determines the finest pilots suitable to the needs of the airline.

Airlines can lease training equipment and access technical support

With AAG’s partnership opportunities and tailor-made programs, airlines are also able to utilize the flight academy’s state of the art facilities and equipment. These include AAG’s Level “D” Full Flight Airbus A320 Simulator and its fleet of all glass cockpit Cessna 172s. Pilots can further hone their knowledge, skills and competencies without airlines having to bear the capital outlay of additional equipment and personnel for its maintenance.

Airlines are able to recruit pilots that know their operations


The aviation industry is evolving and along with it are demands that require more personnel and advanced training. To aid airlines with these rapid developments, the Alpha Aviation Group offers the Multi-Crew Pilots License (MPL) training and certification. The MPL takes cadets through all of the professional requirements needed to become a pilot and trains them to comply with specific company standards. These cost-effective and optimized solutions ensure that airlines have pilots that are already fully aware of their operational requirements. Air Arabia, one of the largest low-cost carriers in the Middle East, is currently experiencing the many benefits of this excellent AAG offering.

Airlines can expand its crew of professionals

Operating an airline requires a crew of professionals with a wide range of expertise and credentials. With the many variations of licenses and type ratings available, AAG can help airlines acquire manpower that comply with the airline’s specialized requirements. The Alpha Aviation Group can also provide the precise trainings customized to a specific airlines’ demands such as Jet Orientation and Multi-Crew Cooperation programs.

By investing in tailor-made solutions, airlines can be more confident that specific challenges are effectively, efficiently and immediately addressed.

Contact us to know more about AAG’s customized solutions for the aviation industry.

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