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As the aviation industry continues its rapid growth, the need for a third party to handle airline pilot selection becomes more necessary as well. This unbiased procedure offers airlines various benefits that range from improvement of flight safety and efficiency to decrease in operational costs.

Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) has assessed and selected over one hundred candidates that are now employed by some of the world’s most prestigious airlines. The AAG model provides several key advantages to airline carriers. Courtesy of AAG’s Newsroom, here are some of them:

Pilot assessment ensures safety and efficiency


For an airline to remain ahead of its competitors while adhering to the continuously evolving industry policies and regulations, there remains a constant demand to improve airline operations while ensuring safety and efficiency. In line with this, the employed pilots must always be in top condition and must have the necessary skills, experience, and industry knowledge required. This requires the pilot recruitment and selection process to be rigorous and thorough.

To facilitate this process of comprehensive and systematic assessment, Alpha Aviation Group offers an Airline Pilot Selection service. This product provides airlines with highly competent Commercial Pilot Licence holders that can immediately join airlines ready to be trained as First Officers. Using the ADAPT software developed by Symbiotics Performance Solutions, AAG can determine the most competent individuals for airlines.

Included in the ADAPT assessment procedure are advanced personality questionnaires, cognitive tests and coordination assessments along with aviation knowledge papers on the ATPL modules. ADAPT enables Alpha Aviation Group and its airline partner to determine the trainability of the pilot, their operational effectiveness and how they would fit into an airline’s workplace environment.

Pilot assessment facilitates seamless integration into an airline’s culture and professional demands


A pilot’s profession is demanding.  It requires a particular type of attitude and mindset. Pilots are required to focus under intense pressure and make quick decisions. Through the ADAPT system, cadets go through an extensive selection process of emotional, mental, and physical assessment. By employing pilots that are fully equipped in all aspects, AAG is confident that the selected pilots will seamlessly integrate with the airline culture and its people, as well as meet the profession’s requirements.

Pilot assessment enables airlines to lower operational costs


For airlines, regular training of the existing personnel and hiring competent pilots equate to an increase on overall expenses. Airlines ultimately need to provide additional training as well as hire aviation professionals to provide assessment, selection and mentorship.

With AAG’s Airline Pilot Selection, airlines are assured to obtain highly competent personnel without typically having to incur additional costs of training. Moreover, since only the best pilots are recommended, the remedial and turnover rates for pilots within an airline would significantly decrease as well.

AAG’s extensive years of experience and state-of-the-art facilities equip it with a comprehensive understanding of the airline industry.  With the constantly changing demands in the airline industry, pilot assessment is a welcome service that will improve an airline’s operations and boost its pool of personnel, while also decreasing expenses in the process.

For more information about Airline Pilot Selection and other services, contact AAG today.

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Photo by Warmond C via Flickr. CC BY NC-ND 2.0.