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Typically, aspiring pilots enroll in the pilot training school to help themselves get the right qualifications. There, students equip themselves with substantial knowledge and train for months so they can safely operate a specific aircraft.

Apart from the time and effort, undergoing flight training requires a considerable investment. That’s because pilot training is a specialized course that isn’t readily available in many schools or universities. Many flight schools also hire excellent instructors and get the latest equipment to produce competent aviators. Not to mention, students will need to practice handling an actual aircraft. Given the financial requirements of flight training, some individuals struggle to fund their pilot training.

If you have a similar concern, take a look at these different ways how you can pay for your flight school training.

Save Up Money

Saving up enough money before enrolling in a flight training school is a traditional route and is also very popular among people who don’t want to pay off any debt. However, it would mean holding off on your training for a while until you’ve come up with a sufficient amount.

Alternatively, you can save up to cover the training costs to acquire your commercial pilot license and take additional type rating programs once you can afford them. While this may cause a bit of delay in your aviation career, it lets you complete your essential pilot training and work your way up as your finances will allow you.

Apply for Loans

Another way you can pay for your flight school training is by taking out a loan. But before you do, make sure to carefully consider this decision. Also, review the loan terms and see to it that you can manage the payments. The last thing you want to happen is getting a loan and having problems later on when it’s time to settle the required fees and interests.

If you’re aiming to become a pilot for a commercial airline company, it’s a good idea to enroll in a full-time program that you can complete quickly and help you get qualified for a position in an airline. This way, you’ll be able to earn upon graduation and be capable to pay off your loans.

Look for a Scholarship

Believe it or not, there are several scholarship programs for flight school students. For example, some commercial airlines take in individuals and train them to qualify as commercial pilots. Upon the completion of their training, the scholars become employed in the said airline company for a specific period.

If you apply and get approved for a scholarship, you won’t have to worry about taking out loans. However, you must take note that study grants have certain requirements. For example, students must meet and maintain a minimum general weighted average and must not have any failing grades to avail themselves of the free education program. In case this is something you can commit to, do your research and apply to as many promising scholarship programs as possible.

Study and Work at the Same Time

Many aviation students work while they’re training to ensure that they can continue to fund their education. Finishing an aviation-related course will help you get employed in jobs other than being a pilot, such as an aircraft mechanic or technician. If you work in the aviation industry, it will be beneficial for you because it lets you continue your learning while funding your pilot training.

Alternatively, you might want to check in with the flight school if they offer employee discounts on their pilot training courses. If so, keep an eye out for job opportunities in the school. This doesn’t mean you have to work for them as an aviator to receive a discount on your training. You can also work at the front desk, as an assistant instructor, or any other job in the flight school to receive discounted training.

Inquire about the Flight School’s Financial Assistance

Many flight training schools here in the Philippines understand the financial needs of their students. As such, they often offer assistance to ensure individuals who are struggling to fund their training have a similar opportunity as other aspiring pilots. Some flight schools provide financial assistance to their students, regardless of their course, while others only offer aid in specific pilot training programs. In some cases, pilot training schools partner with financial institutions to help facilitate student loans.

Becoming a pilot requires a substantial investment in time and money. Fortunately, even if you’re not ready to take on the financial requirements of pilot training, there are still different ways you can fund your training. Depending on your financial status or capability, you can employ one or combine any of the methods mentioned above.

In addition to these suggestions, consider taking advantage of the AAG Study Now, Pay Later program. The Alpha Aviation Group is a pilot training school located in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, dedicated to training competent pilots and aviators by providing world-class training solutions. AAG is also committed to excellence as it ensures all training methods are on par with international standards along with the latest technology in aviation.