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pilot Robert Ian Karl Odiamar

What I have looked for the most in Ab Initio School was assistance in any sort of documentation, clear guidelines during the study process and quality training. I have received help in all these areas …

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Robert Ian Karl Odiamar

(APP Batch 27), Royal Air

pilot Angelo Elinon

A mile of highway will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere. Thank you Alpha Aviation Group for being the runway of my career, now I can go anywhere.

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Angelo Mari Elinon

(APP Batch 17), Cebu Pacific Air

pilot Francis Allan Bumagat

Victories are earned not given. That is how AAG trains its students, not everything was given to us and we needed to study hard to achieve something. That kind of training made us strive to …

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Francis Allan Bumagat

(APP Batch 20), Cebu Pacific Air

pilot Reydon Barretto

As I stepped into the halls of Alpha Aviation Group, I immediately knew this was where I wanted to take flight in pursuit in becoming a full-fledged pilot. State-of-the-art facilities, safest fleet of aircraft, unparalleled …

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Reydon Barretto

(APP Batch 10), Philippine Airlines

pilot Windee Quidato

Overwhelmed— this was one of the many words to describe my initial feeling when I entered this school. My experience has been phenomenal and my expectations were not only met but exceeded. I would like …

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Windee Quidato

(APP Batch 16), Cebu Pacific Air

pilot Angel Miguel Garcia

My flight training in AAG brings memories as one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors of my life. They understood my capabilities as my training as a pilot progressed and I was made to …

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Angel Miguel Garcia

(APP Batch 10), Philippine Airlines

pilot Jidon Hilario

I am beyond grateful to AAG for providing me big opportunities, not only in my flying career during my training days but also after I have completed it. Whatever I am now and will become, …

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Jidon Hilario

(APP Batch 10), Philippine Airlines

pilot Cy Enriquez

I chose Alpha Aviation Group Philippines because I believed that this institution has the capabilities to mold me into an internationally competent pilot. With its state-of-the-art facilities, exemplary management team, and outstanding department, AAG was …

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Cyril Albert Enriquez

(APP Batch 10), Philippine Airlines

pilot Leandro Wong

I have chosen AAG because it has great facilities which are very suitable for learning. It helps me improve not just my skills but my character as well. AAG provides quality customer service and helps …

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Leandro Wong

(APP Batch 10), Philippine Airlines

pilot Tristan Manese

Being an airline pilot started only as a dream. I am deeply thankful to AAG for giving me an opportunity to fulfill my dream and for making it happen. AAG’s state-of-the-art facilities and very well …

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Tristan Joy Manese

(Former Flight Instructor at AAG), Cebu Pacific Air

pilot Mikel Agbayani

I chose AAG because of their world-class facilities. They have excellent equipment giving each students the appropriate environment for training. Also, the management provides the right support to each of its students, making them ready …

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Mikel Lois Agbayani

(APP Batch 10), Philippine Airlines

pilot Mara Pagdilao

I chose AAG because it offers a comprehensive program that allowed me to finish my flight training from zero flying time to becoming Airbus 320 rated in only 14 months at a reasonable cost.

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Mara Hazell Pagdilao

(APP Batch 5), Philippine Airlines

pilot Keith John-Marte

I have learned a lot from AAG and the most important life lesson that had helped me with my journey to become a pilot is knowing that the engine is the heart of the airplane …

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Keith Marte

(APP Batch 19), Cebu Pacific Air

pilot James Reamon

The MPL program at AAG Philippines equipped me with the right learning to become what I am today. Finishing the course and performing my first day of flying at Cebu Pacific was truly worth remembering …

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James Reamon Jr.

, (MPL Graduate), Air Asia

pilot Vincent Magbanua

I’ve always wanted to be an airline pilot and travel the world. Traditional pilot training requires an aspiring airline pilot to accumulate thousands of flight time before qualifying for an airline. With AAG Philippines’ First …

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Vincent Magbanua

(A320 First Officer Transition), Philippine Airline Express

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