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nie pilot interns and 1 instructor

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines – Nine (9) trainees who successfully finished the Aviation Maintenance Internship Program (AMIP) were formally sent-off by the AAG International Center for Aviation Training (AICAT) Maintenance Training Center (MTC) on 17 March 2023. This is the 4th batch of trainees since the program was started.

Mr. Mark Daniel Bauzon (AICAT Aircraft Planning Engineer) in his welcome remarks expressed AAG’s heartfelt congratulations to the interns for their hard work and dedication during their training.

a pilot intern and an instructor

Mr. Kevin Dy Tria (AICAT-MTC Head of Training) handed out the certificates of completion. In his remarks, Tria recounted his personal journey starting also as an intern and encouraged the trainees to continue building on the knowledge and skills they acquired during the program.

pilot interns in a classroom

The AICAT-MTC AMIP is designed to provide a comprehensive, hands-on training experience for students with an interest in aviation maintenance. During the program, students undergo rigorous training in areas such as aircraft maintenance, avionics, and aircraft systems. The program also exposes students to the latest technology and equipment used in the aviation industry. (AAG Corporate Affairs)