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AAG holds Airline Pilot Career Orientation (APCO) in Clark

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines – Over a hundred aspiring commercial airline pilots and parents attended AAG’s Airline Pilot Career Orientation (APCO) last 16 September 2023, the 4th of a series for this year.

According to Col. Ruel Rombaoa, (Ret) (Head of Marketing & Sales, AAGP), the APCO with the theme: ‘Supporting the aviation industry on a rebound’ is one of AAG’s corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate affairs, and thought leadership initiatives designed to provide aspiring commercial airline pilots with timely, accurate and reliable information and advice that can help them build their career plans.

AAG holds Airline Pilot Career Orientation (APCO)

Capt. Vicente Casibang II (Accountable Manager, AAG Philippines) warmly welcomed everyone, filling the room with excitement and setting the scene for an event focused on aviation dreams. He enthusiastically talked about the many opportunities available for aspiring pilots, urging them to pursue their dreams without fear.

Capt. Gimby Cervania (Head of Training, AAG International Center for Aviation Training) also graced the event and took the stage to recount his remarkable journey in the aviation industry. From his humble beginning as a fast food crew to his successful pilot career, Capt. Cervania’s inspiring story served as a testament to the endless possibilities that await aspiring pilots, underscoring the significance of perseverance and determination in taking that first step in their journey towards one’s dreams.

AAG holds Airline Pilot Career Orientation

FO Chuck Evan Concepcion (a graduate of AAG’s First Officer Transition or FOT Program) and Cadet Cedric Dela Mines (belonging to AAG’s Airline Pilot Program or APP 03-2022) also shared their stories of perseverance and determination in pursuing their aviation career aspirations. FO Concepcion shared how AAG played a crucial role in furthering his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot, inspiring the audience to take flight towards their own goals with unwavering dedication. Meanwhile, Cadet Dela Mines shared his experience in choosing a flight school, emphasizing the key factors and considerations that guided his decision to join AAG.

A survey conducted during the APCO showed that 71 out of 122 pilot aspirants expressed their strong interest in enrolling in AAG’s APP. The poll also revealed the top five (5) considerations of aspirants in selecting a pilot school:

  1. Technology (e.g. standard/quality of aircraft, simulators, classrooms, instructional equipment, other amenities)
  2. Safety record (history of incidents/accidents)
  3. Influence in the industry (e.g. partnership and network with airlines and other industry players)
  4. Price/Cost
  5. Reputation in the industry (both of the company and its management and training teams)

Capt. Gaudencio Maniano (Accountable Manager, AAG International Center for Aviation Training) formally closed the event through a synthesis and summary of the various topics discussed. He also shared his inspiring journey of unwavering dedication to aviation and his relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.

Mr. Paulo Mallari and Ms. Charmaine Cecil Liwanag (Marketing and Sales Executives, AAG Philippines) provided the latest trends and updates in the aviation industry and an overview of the pilot aptitude and cadet assessment process. The APCO also featured in-depth discussions on various topics including the partnership between AAG and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in delivering the Graduate Certificate in Aviation-Asia Focus (by Capt. Mitchel Theodore Pias (Ground Instructor, AICAT), and AAG’s Study-Now-Pay-Later (SNPL) Program in partnership with BDO, RCBC and Air Cavaliers Credit Cooperative (ACCC). (AAG News)