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pilot interns

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines – AAG International Center for Aviation Training (AICAT) Maintenance Training Center (MTC) welcomed 28 interns from the Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PhilSCA) to its Aviation Maintenance Internship Program (AMIP) on 20 March 2023.

a pilot intern holding a microphone

Capt. Napoleon Garcia (AICAT Accountable Manager) and Capt. Vicente Casibang II (AAG Philippines Accountable Manager) shared their encouraging words to the trainees, emphasizing the value of self-improvement and goal-setting to achieve success. “No matter what path you choose, setting your goals and continuously striving to improve yourself by doing what is right and giving your best effort will eventually lead you to success,” Capt. Garcia imparted.

a senior pilot in front of pilot interns

Kevin Dy Tria (AICAT-MTC Head of Training) also extended his warmest greetings to the trainees. “Knowledge is the lifeblood of success. It is one of the things that can propel you forward in your chosen career,” he shared.

The AICAT-MTC Aviation Maintenance Internship Program offers a comprehensive training curriculum that is designed to help students explore a wide range of topics and gain hands-on experience in aircraft maintenance. AICAT-MTC also delivers Flight Dispatcher Internship Program (FDIP), Aeronautical Engineering Internship Program (AEIP) and Supplemental Proficiency Program (SPP). (AAG Corporate Affairs)