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AAG Welcomes 8 New Pilots to Flight Instructor Course

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines – Eight (8) pilots were inducted to the AAG’s Flight Instructor Course (FIC) on February 7 February 2024. Notably, six of these individuals joining this intake are alumni of AAG’s Airline Pilot Program (APP), while one recently completed the First Officer Transition (FOT) Program in January.

8 New Pilots to Flight Instructor Course

In his welcome remarks, Capt. Gimby Cervania (AAG International Center for Aviation Training [AICAT] Head of Training) assured them of AAG’s comprehensive and top-of-class training, aligning closely with the esteemed standards upheld by the institution. Drawing from his extensive experience in the aviation industry, he also shared insights and words of encouragement with the trainees.

AAG Welcomes 8 New Pilots

Capt. Gaudencio Maniano (AICAT Accountable Manager) extended his gratitude to the trainees for joining the program. “Besides teaching, your role is to inspire and empower the future generation of aviation leaders, fostering the enthusiasm and commitment crucial for success in the aviation industry,” Capt. Maniano shares.

This marks not only the beginning of a new chapter for the trainees but also the commencement of a transformative journey towards becoming aviation leaders. As they set forth, they carry with them the aspirations of becoming not just pilots but also mentors, leaders, and innovators in the aviation industry. (AAG News)