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CLARK FREEPORT ZONE, Pampanga – Another batch of cadet pilots successfully completes AAG’s Airline Pilot Program. The 23 cadets of APP Batch 35 put on their 3-bar epaulettes for the first time as they were awarded with their certificate of completion, a manifestation that they are now airline ready pilots, all set to take their seat in the flight deck.

The Graduation Ceremony starts with the entrance of the training team headed by Capt. Gwen Lucero – AICAT Head of Training, followed by the processional march of the graduates, then the entrance of Capt. Manuel Foronda – AAG Accountable Manager, Capt. Estrelito Gutierrez – AICAT Accountable Manager and the Guest of Honor and Speaker, Capt. Agripino Cuartero Jr.

Capt. Foronda delivered the welcome remarks while Capt. Gutierrez introduced the esteemed Guest of Honor and Speaker. Capt. Agripino Cuartero Jr., Chief Pilot of Pan Pacific Airlines, delivered an inspirational message addressed to the graduates and their families. He ended his speech by reminding the graduates to always embody an attitude of gratitude. “The attitude of gratitude will raise your altitude”, he said as he concluded his speech.

APP Batch 35 Representative, Cadet Michael Dominick Tan, gave the speech of celebration, a message of thanksgiving on behalf of the batch. His speech was followed by an AVP showing the highlights of their training and their experiences as an AAG cadet.

Aside from the Certificate of Completion, special awards were also given for Best in Flying, Best in Academics and the Capt. Antonio Toral Leadership Award.

Recipients of the special awards are as follows:

Best in Academics – Cadet Ivan Gabriel Ibarrientos

Best in Flying – Cadet Miguel Lorenzo Santamaria

Capt. Antonio Toral

Leadership Award – Cadet Michael Dominick Tan

AAG strongly believes that through its graduates, its vision of “An AAG-trained pilot in every flight deck in the region” will soon be realized.