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Strategic Initiative 02: “Balanced Scorecard and Project Management”

CLARK FREEPORT ZONE, Pampanga – Days before the full implementation of the Balanced Scorecard for each department and individual employee,the designated BSC officers are working assiduously alongside with the guidance of an expert from K-Mas Management in finalizing the performance management system tool for AAG.

The initiative will form part of the organization’s effort in aligning individual department and employee’s function and job design to the overall Vision, Mission and Core Values of the company. “We want to make sure that we are all moving towards one direction and that all efforts contribute to the realization of the set goals and objectives of the company”, says Ms. Gina Vallejo, AAG’s Head of Strategic Human Resources. “As the company grows, it is our goal to see our people grow as well. Thus, we will be implementing strategic tools in order to measure individual performance which will help us identify opportunities and areas for growth and help our employees be fully equipped to perform the duties and tasks required by their post”, she added.

The system will be formally rolled-out this 1st of April in conjunction with the start of a new FY. Upon full implementation of the system, the BSC officers will take charge in maintaining and overseeing the administration of BSC in their respective departments through regular submission of reports, periodic review of performance as against the identified goals / objectives and presentation of catch-up plans and recommendations in cases when the identified goals and objectives are not achieved. The BSC officers will also participate in crafting the annual program and budget of the department.

For a timelier and a more accurate system of reporting, AAG is also exploring for ways on how to automate the reports generated from the Balanced Scorecard. The BSC officers have started utilizing QuickScore since January 2020 and a similarsoftware is being assessed for possible utilization as well.

Aside from the Balanced Scorecard, AAG is also strengthening its Project Management scheme in line with the aggressive expansion plans / projects lined up for the coming years. The company has instituted a Project Management Committee (PMC) to spearhead the creation of project charters and closely coordinate with various departments to ensure that the projects are aligned with the overall strategy and the BSC of each department. Last November 2019, 25 Project Management Officers (PMOs) underwent a practical Project Management (PM) training where they were trained how to strategically craft project charters and project management plans. AAG also hired a Project Management Officer who will work directly under the Regional Director’s Office. The PMO will oversee all the project management plans and project charters submitted by the PMOs. In addition to that, 25 Knowledge Management Officers (KMOs) were given data analytics training in line with the Knowledge Management Framework of AAG. The training was facilitated by OTI Philippines, a management consultancy firm based in Manila, specializing in organizational transformation.

All these initiatives are geared towards sustaining AAG’s momentum and towards achieving its set goals and objectives as it continues to “Create the Future Now”. “Our commitment to service excellence, teamwork and customer satisfaction has enabled us to become the best and the biggest; but let us altogether strive to become better”, AAG’s Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, Mr. Cristopher Magdangal’s motivational words to all AAG employees as the team welcomes another FY.