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CLARK FREEPORT ZONE, Pampanga – In the face of the fight against the effects of coronavirus to the overall operations of Alpha Aviation Group, the AAG family remains intact, engaged and buoyant proving that disruptions are taken as opportunities to exhibit the family’s resilience and inner strength.

Ever since the implementation of the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine, the company has rolled out initiatives in order to check on the employees’ safety and wellbeing and make sure that the temporary “work-from-home” arrangement will be as engaging as possible. “Inside or outside AAG’s premises, we remain to be a family. And as a family, we will continue to reach out to everybody to ensure they are all coping well with the current situation”, says AAG’s Head of Strategic Human Resources, Ms. Gina Vallejo.



The Human Resource Department, supported by the Corporate Affairs Team, spearheaded initiatives like “Kumustahan”, online contests and Information and Education Campaign. AAG’s “Kumustahan” is designed to gather information on personal, family and work condition, situation within the community and level of family morale and health. This is to see how everybody is doing and how AAG can assist employees with urgent needs. So far, the results of the “Kumustahan” show that all members of the AAG family are coping well with no signs of any red flag.

Employees are also kept informed and updated with the latest news about COVID-19, guidelines and memorandums released by thenational government and LGUs, and newsletters to guide employees on how to look after their health during this pandemic crisis. This is facilitated through a virtual bulletin sent via email. This initiative aims to ensure that the AAG family is provided with all the necessary and helpful information from reliable and trusted sources to keep away from all the misleading information spreading online and through other platforms.

Fun activities and online contests were also rolled-out as part of the Employee Engagement initiatives. These activities include “My Work-From-Home Desk”, “My Work-From-Home OOTD”, “My Work-From-Home Dish” and the “Battle Against the Bulge”.

Below are the winners of the “My Work-From-Home Desk” online contest:

Winners of Sodexo Gift Certificate worth PHP500:

  • Ma. Christina Pineda – Head of Admin and Logistics (Admin Department)
  • Carla Marcelino – Documents and Records Specialist (SACRe)
  • Kharein Castro – Procurement Clerk (Admin Department)

Winners of limited edition AAG Merchandise:

  • Elijah John Roa – HR Associate (HR Department)
  • Candy Mae Estera – Executive Assistant (Executive Office)
  • Ezekiel James Navarro – HR Associate, Timekeeping (HR Department)
  • Joseph Vincent Torres – Market Research Analyst (M&S Department)
  • Eluiza Rodriguez – HR Associate (HR Department)
  • Kim Cherlin Batle – Senior Synthetic Planner (Operations Department)
  • Sean Russell Dispo – M&S Support Staff (M&S Department)
  • Rowella Anne Matias – Student Affairs Support Staff (SACRe)

Winner of Sodexo Gift Certificate worth PHP 500 for the “My Work-From-Home” OOTD:

  • Shiela May Castor – Screening and Selection Analyst (SACRe)

While efforts are now geared towards polishing the new protocol for under a “new normal” and “strictly controlled environment” conditions, these Employee Engagement initiatives will continue as the team remains committed to work hand in hand in this fight against the effects of COVID-19.

This is Team AAG! Working virtually, but still a United Family!