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Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) is one of the most reputable and successful Approved Training Organizations (ATO) in the Far East. It offers a comprehensive range of courses for aspiring commercial pilots through to qualified pilots looking for type ratings or recurrent training.

Together with dedicated, professional training staff and maintenance professionals combined with the most advanced equipment and technologies available, AAG equips all types of pilots with the education, training, skill, and industry knowledge required to develop a successful career in the aviation industry.

Discover why choosing Alpha Aviation Group as your flight training academy is an excellent choice for your career:

1. AAG provides cadets with everything they need to immediately join an airline

Alpha Aviation Group provides a comprehensive training course, which includes a type rating for the Airbus A320, a must need for any Filipino or Asian pilot

Alpha Aviation Group ensures that their cadets receieve all the professional requirements needed to become an airline pilot

One of AAG’s objectives is to ensure that its bright and skilled cadets have the competencies required to become successful airline pilots and industry leaders. On top of its individual modular flight programs and training selections, AAG also offers its flagship product— the Alpha Airline Pilot Program (AAPP).

The AAPP is an extensive program that takes aspiring pilots through a full-time training course, providing cadets with the necessary qualifications for airline employment. At the end of the program, cadets are equipped with all of the required licenses, competencies and will even qualify to fly the Airbus the A320, allowing them to immediately join an airline as a First Officer.

2. AAG has highly experienced and dedicated professional instructors

Alpha Aviation Group employs instructors who has years of experience in Philippine Airlines and other asian airlines

Alpha Aviation Group employs highly-qualified flight instructors and teachers with decades of industry experience

Flying an aircraft is a skill mastered through expert training advice from the industries most experienced instructors. At AAG, cadets learn from the best aviation professionals in the field. Our academy is complemented with retired airline Captains who have several thousand hours of flight experience, former regulators from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), experienced flight instructors from the Air Force and the military as well as experts in the field of aeronautics. With aviation professionals as instructors, AAG cadets are guaranteed one on one training, mentorship and a network in the industry that enables long-term professional growth and development.

3. AAG utilizes state-of-the-art instruments and facilities

AAG also maintains a fleet of innovative Cessna 172s, complete with glass cockpits

AAG features state of the art facilities, including an Airbus A320 simulator, perfect for anyone looking for an A320 typerating

AAG knows the role and value of technology in its training programs. To facilitate a more interactive learning environment, cadets use iPads that are equipped with software, applications, learning tools, and a comprehensive list of manuals and guides that are used across various courses.

Furthermore, AAG owns and maintains the only European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved Level D Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator in the country. This full-motion Airbus A320 simulator replicates the environment of an actual Airbus A320 cockpit, including avionics, controls, and navigations. The A320 simulator can also imitate varied weather conditions and different flight scenarios.

Finally, AAG also has its own flight line at the Clark International Airport that cadets use for real-time flight operations training.

4. AAG operates the most modern fleet of Cessna 172 SP in the Philippines

AAG's A320 typerated pilots are the best in the industry

Part of AAG’s fleet are modern Cessna 172’s, which helps train cadets to become the best in the aviation industry

In addition to its land based training facilities, AAG also maintains a fleet of Cessna 172 SP aircrafts for flight training. AAG cadets train with Cessna 172’s glass cockpit equipped with digital flight instrument displays and larger LCD screens. The cadets’ familiarization with the glass cockpit and digital instrument displays facilitates easier transition from the smaller aircraft to commercial jets such as the Airbus A320.

5. AAG is the only ISO-accredited flight training organization in the country

AAG’s commitment to excellence and high standards decorates the organization with a 9001:2008 accreditation from the International Standards Organization (ISO). In the Philippines, AAG is also the only Flight Training Organization (FTO) with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. The certification is a Quality Management accreditation awarded to organizations that consistently provide products and services that meet and even exceed the customer expectations and regulatory requirements of the industry.

The quality of training and certifications acquired by a pilot have a direct impact on his employment opportunities and career success. It’s important that cadets choose the right flight school that can help ensure a successful career in the aviation industry.

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