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Many people enroll in a flight school in pursuit of their dream of becoming a pilot. And depending on their aviation goals, they have an option to learn how to fly private aircraft or go through a comprehensive pilot training program for commercial airlines.

If you choose to be a commercial airline pilot, you’ll also need to get the necessary licenses to fly different sizes and models of aircraft. While there are many requirements needed before you can become a commercial pilot, it has various perks as well—such as a higher salary and the chance to travel around the world.

Whether you’re still considering your long-term goal as a pilot, check out these reasons why becoming a commercial airline pilot may be the right choice for you.

You Get to Travel across the Globe

One of the main advantages of being a commercial airline pilot is you get to travel and get paid for it. Part of your job description is to fly your passengers to different cities and countries around the globe. It also provides the opportunity to travel to a place you haven’t been to before. Depending on your flight schedule, you might stay overnight or longer in a specific place—giving you the chance to explore new cities and experience various cultures.

It’s a Dynamic Career Environment

There aren’t a lot of jobs today that will guarantee that you won’t get bored of doing the same things every day. When you’re a commercial airline pilot, you can be certain every single day will be different. Aside from the places you’ll fly to, each flight will be a unique experience on its own. You’ll encounter changing weather and various flying conditions each time you show up for work, which can make every trip and day at work exciting.

In addition, you might even have a chance to affect the industry later in your career by changing tracks and becoming a flight instructor, a simulator flight instructor, a manager of a pilot school, or even a member of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. The dynamic nature of being a pilot really allows for all sorts of possibilities throughout your career in the aviation industry.

You Have the Best Office Views

Many people dream of having an office with the most spectacular views. As an aviator, you can be certain your view from the aircraft’s cockpit is breathtaking. The best part is that the scenery changes from time to time too. You may see thunderstorms in a distant, starry night, or clear blue sky. Whatever the case may be, you can be certain that you won’t grow tired of sights you’ll get to see while at work.

You Always Meet New People

While some careers expose you to different individuals, being a commercial airline pilot opens up more opportunities to meet new people. The flight crew you’ll be working with changes and so do the passengers boarding your flight. Additionally, you can get acquainted with the locals of the cities you’re visiting or having a layover in.

You Have Flexible Work Hours

Compared to traditional jobs, commercial airline pilots have more flexibility in their work hours. For starters, aviators don’t follow a nine-to-five weekday schedule. Since commercial airlines operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week, pilots have a variety of work schedules. Depending on your employer, you can report to work for four days or more. You will also have guaranteed days off in between your travels, which is more than a typical two-day weekend that most employees get.

Additionally, commercial airline pilots can choose their schedules to some extent, especially if they have seniority within the airline company. This allows you to plan your flights and rest days more efficiently, so you can enjoy more time doing things that are important to you.

You Can Fully Enjoy Your Free Time

Being a commercial airline pilot requires a lot of hard work. Given their efforts, it’s only natural that they’re also entitled to one to two weeks off every month. There aren’t a lot of careers that offer that kind of free time to employees. With this free time, you can spend more quality time with friends and family.

Once you leave the cockpit at the end of your shift, you don’t have to think about work until your next flight. There’s no need to bring any work home with you, so you enjoy all your free time and spend it the way you want.

When pursuing your dream to become a pilot, you also need to think about the kind of aviator you want to be. For instance, t you can look forward to these various perks when you choose to be a commercial airline pilot. As you assess your options, remember to consider a career in commercial aviation.