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two pilots in a cockpit
Understanding the Impact of Technology on Pilot Training
January 2, 2024
AAG Corporate Affairs

Technology is a transformative force that not only reshapes the dynamics of the flight industry but also revolutionizes the training of future aviators. Digital technology, in fact, has become the cornerstone of modern-day pilot education. The following advancements are key to enhancing the efficiency of training programs and instilling in current and prospective pilots the […]

flight instructor and student pilot in a cockpit
The Role of Mentors and Flight Instructors in Shaping Successful Student Pilots
December 28, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Becoming a skilled and accomplished pilot is a journey that is rarely, if ever, a solitary path. It’s an undertaking that necessitates the guidance of those who have conquered the skies before and are willing to offer the next generation of pilots their insights, wisdom, and unwavering support. This is a job that is squarely […]

flying airplane
7 Tips on How to Build Flight Hours
December 20, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Whether you’re a student pilot trying to finish their training, a private pilot who’s interested in working for an airline, or a commercial pilot who wants to enhance their flying skill, building flight hours is crucial. Flight hours refer to the amount of time you spend operating an aircraft. The more hours you have, the […]

A pilot flying a plane
A Beginner’s Guide to Cross-Country Flight Planning
November 17, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

Unlike training flights, cross-country flights involve flying to destinations that are located some distance away from the departure point. These journeys often require navigating through diverse airspace, various weather conditions, and possibly even landing at unfamiliar airports. Given the more complex factors of these flights, it’s crucial to plan every detail. As a student pilot, […]

Effective Radio Communication as a Student Pilot
7 Tips for Effective Radio Communication as a Student Pilot
November 14, 2023
AAG Corporate Affairs

One of the biggest lessons you learn in flight school is that the radio is an essential communication tool for pilots. It enables pilots to not only receive and send information to air traffic control (ATC), but it also allows them to coordinate with ground personnel and communicate with other aircraft that are within their […]